“Bonehook’s investment in our success is palpable to the team and shows up in the product.”

More Testimony

“I would highly recommend David and Bonehook to anyone looking for a partner that will bring a creative and thoughtful approach to your marketing needs.” -Jason Porter, VP of Marketing

“David Burn is the thought leader’s thought leader. In an industry of writers and idea people, his insight and expertise stand out from the hubbub. David brings a fearless point of view with a seemingly endless supply of fresh thinking.” -Sally Hogshead, author and speaker

“David is one of those rare guys in ‘advertising’ (or whatever it is we do) who really believes in what he’s doing. Holden Caulfield would like him: he’s not a phony. He’s also a great motivator/cheerleader and an insightful critic.” -Matt Bergantino, Director of Content