The Challenge

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is fortunate to inhabit a beautiful building on a generous campus in the middle of Marco Island, FL. The sub-tropical setting, vacation vibes, and the fact that much of the audience is only local for half the year mean the church competes not just with other churches on the island or the three Episcopal churches in Naples. Sunday service must compete with everything—fishing, golf, boating, walking the beach, plus whatever loyalties parishioners may have to their church at home.

The Work

The Solution

The new priest at St. Mark’s asked us to express her strong belief in universal love and combine it with a call to service. We responded with a new logo and brand identity for the church that now easily conveys the values of inclusivity and love. The mark also showcases that St. Mark’s is a place where good things grow—friendships, community bonds, and one’s faith in God. We also remade the church’s website and Preschool microsite and created a print campaign, plus collateral material to help the church spread its message to SW Florida residents and visitors.