The Challenge

Lewis & Clark Bank is a community bank in Oregon City, OR, and one of many such financial institutions in the Portland metro. With only one retail location, online banking became a necessary lifeline to new members and sustained income. To attract these new customers, the bank needed more than strong retail offers and low-interest rates. The bank needed a story and a way to share it with people and compel them to pick up the phone and open an account or apply for a loan.

The Work

The Solution

We helped Lewis & Clark Bank take their customer testimonials to an entirely new place by treating each featured customer to a magazine-style layout. We made the testimonials all about the customers and their drive to build a business with the help of the bank. No one makes it to the top by themselves, and we helped to pull these emotional strings and tighten the bonds between a local lending institution and the people whose lives were directly impacted by it in a healthy way.