The Challenge

Kim Olson for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture was always going to be the ultimate political challenge because no Democrat has won a statewide race in Texas since 1994. She was also a woman running against an incumbent good old boy. Despite the electoral challenges, Kim Olson’s fighting spirit, her career, and service in the Air Force, the fact that she flies jets and is a total firebrand on the campaign trail, gave her a chance and a chance is what we all need.

The Work

The Solution

Kim Olson is a strong woman with pointed opinions and a whip-smart Texas-style delivery. She’s also a rancher and retired Air Force colonel who knows the power of cooperation and the value of community. We positioned the candidate as someone who “Mends Fences”. With a combination of outdoor boards throughout the state, plus newspaper advertising, we helped Olsen get her message across in succinct, powerful ways.