The Challenge entered the crowded marketplace for GPS tracking devices in 2021 with two products and a ‘self-service’ e-commerce website. The parent company that funded the launch wanted to free its sales team from making sales calls and closing deals. The challenge for was, and remains, traction. Would the new company’s point-of-difference in the marketplace be strong enough to draw new buyers willing to sign up for monthly service fees, in addition to the product purchases (GPS trackers for a small fleet of service trucks)?

The Work

The Solution

You get one chance to make a first impression, and this is even more true when launching a new company and courting an audience that’s never heard of the brand before. While there is no such thing as instant street credibility, there is such a thing as making a strong statement about who and what you are as a company. We provided the new company’s foundational elements and go-to-market plan and built them an online lead magnet that is now a new profit center and industry disruptor.