It Is All About Pleasing the Customer

Before there is writing or design, there is tuning in to the audience’s needs and desires. This is how connections are made.

Your copy will sing and your identity will shine after we do strategic fact-finding in pursuit of brand truth. We pursue brand truth in order to create brand value. We create brand value in order to build wealth.

We have both a philosophy and a methodology that we use when solving communications problems for our clients.

This is the philosophy: Brand truth is fuel for your customers’ campfires. Brand truth lights the way and keeps everyone warm and informed.

This is the methodology: To get to the place where brand truth illuminates, we enter the room with a beginner’s mind and ask a lot of fundamental questions, like, “Why should anyone care?”

In order to see what needs to be seen and do what needs to be done, someone has to lay all the cards on the table and we are willing to do it.

We are willing to go there because we want your customers to like you. A lot.

Take a close look at your company’s messaging. The truth has a certain quality to it. It shines like a river.

The job for the agency and the client team is to jump feet first into this river of brand truths and let the current carry us to the destination.

Paddling against what customers truly think is a fast way for a company to die.

To lead qualified and interested customers to your door, we will discover which brand stories resonate the most and in which channels.

If all this sounds like an action plan, that’s good news. This is how ‘the magic’ begins.