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Bonehook operates like a media company. Our services are available by monthly subscription and offered in three packages: the Relationship Marketing pack, the Direct Marketing pack and the Brand Marketing pack.

Copywriters Don’t Express Themsleves, They Reveal Your Brand Truth

Our customers hire us and stick with us because we are experts at tightening up their brand messaging, creating consistency across all platforms and ensuring that their communications always deliver value.

We work with brave marketing leaders who are serious about investing in their brand and cultivating customer-centric messaging over the span of years, not quarters.

The process begins with a discovery phase and strategy session, where we learn what’s needed and how to best provide it. Following the discovery and strategic road mapping, we are able to shape a standard package to a customer’s specific needs.

Benefits of Our Standardized Offerings

Winning brand managers know they must stay in front of their audiences (without annoying them) and offer prospects and customers real value. This means dropping the pitch posture and getting into the service mindset. A modern brand manager asks how she can help to serve her community each and every day.

The answer is it takes a plan. A brand with no plan and an inconsistent voice is a brand in trouble.

  • Do you currently work from a content calendar?
  • Do you struggle to drive traffic to your best brand assets?
  • Is engagement with your best prospects absent or elusive?
  • Is your bounce rate and unsubscibe rate a perpetual embarrasment?
  • Are you ready to “flip the funnel” and develop a real brand community?

If you can say yes to any of the above points, we will help you find the right solutions to your messaging pain.

Our Packages Offer You:

  • The strategic insights you need to win
  • Consistent messaging across every platform
  • Flat fee pricing (no more surprises when you open your invoice)
  • A team of highly specialized writers and designers who are intently focused on your communications problems
  • The chance to reach your prospects and customers with content that they truly value

Are you ready to take action and start providing your customer community with high-quality marketing solutions? We are glad to hear it!

Please answer a few quick questions that we can discuss in greater detail on a call.