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Our clients hire us because we are experts at tightening up their brand messaging, creating consistency across all platforms and ensuring that their brand communications always deliver value.

We Help You Find, Shape And Share Your Best Brand Stories

Smart brand managers know they must stay in front of their audiences without annoying them. To do this well, it takes a plan. A brand with no plan and an inconsistent voice is a brand in trouble.

  • Do you currently work from a content calendar?
  • Do you struggle to drive traffic to your best brand assets?
  • Is engagement with your best prospects absent or elusive?
  • Is your bounce rate and unsubscribe rate a perpetual embarrassment?
  • Are you ready to flip the funnel and develop a real brand community?

Our process will help you find the right solutions to your messaging pain.

The process begins with a discovery phase and strategy sessions where we learn exactly what’s needed and how to best provide it.

Your Communications Plan Is Your Compass

Earning someone’s attention today is harder than ever. Earning someone’s attention and then earning their trust (so they will listen) is even harder. When you set out to reach more customers, you must know how and where they spend their time, what kind of content they prefer to nibble on and what makes them want to learn more.

By listening intently to your needs and to your customer’s desires, we can help you chart a path to better performance and profitability. We do the hard work needed up front to thoroughly assess your communication challenges and put your brand on the fast path to more sales and improved results.

Three Strategic Moves with One Outcome in Mind

People are wired to remember stories and brands must be remembered before they can be purchased, admired or loved. Is your brand voice memorable? Is it valuable? These are tough questions to answer. Almost every marketer needs help to see the challenges before them clearly. With the following product offerings, the journey to better messaging begins.

1) Brand Messaging Assessment

When you go fishing, you check your bait, your line, wind conditions, water temperature and so on. During our Brand Messaging Assessment, you submit existing marketing materials for review and receive an analysis of what’s working and what’s not working from a brand messaging perspective. We also provide a handful of revised messaging ideas that you can begin to use and test.

2) Brand Messaging Live Workshop

In today’s economy, the more skills you have and the more cross-training you invest in, the stronger you become as a professional communicator. We offer one- and two-day, on-site brand messaging workshops to help take your team and your brand voice to the next level. These workshops are immersive experiences with writing exercises and creative coaching.

3) Discovery and Strategy Sessions

This is a four-week deep dive where we talk to your current customers and staff to get a handle on existing brand reputation. We provide a basic competitive analysis and the Bonehook Messaging Assessment. You also get a strategic roadmap to help support a product or service launch or your annual communications plan, plus, editorial guidelines for use by internal and external teams.

Let’s Walk this Talk Together

To discuss these offerings in greater detail and share your communications challenges, line up a call with David.