Q. What are your areas of specialization?

A. We use brand strategy to inform brand voice and brand identity. We focus on getting the brand’s foundation right because you can’t build a successful movement or reputation on shaky ground.

Q. What are your unique offerings?

A. Like many agencies, we help to build stronger brands that boost bottom lines and market valuations. Unlike others in our field, we deftly combine brand story and brand identity to create better and bolder brand experiences. How a customer, prospect, staffer, or investor experiences the brand is what matters most. Even the best ad campaigns come and go. But people remember how they’re treated by a company and how a company looks and feels to them.

Q. What does a typical engagement with Bonehook look like and how much does it cost?

A. We bring everything we have forward to create brand value and marketplace interest and action, and we do it all in 90-day and 180-day sprints that typically range from $15K to $25K per month, depending on the agreed-upon scope of work.

Some of our competitors charge much more, move slower, and deliver less value. Since our inception in 2010, we have channeled our clients’ funds directly to the talent on the job. When you don’t dwell in an expensive tower or remodeled warehouse, you don’t need to pass on the costs to the client. The days of putting Italian leather couches in the lobby and on the client’s tab are over.

Q. What do current and former clients say about Bonehook?

A. Thankfully, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to work closely with many amazing clients. Clients like Lisa Jones, the president of Danville Development in Salt Lake City.

Lisa recently reviewed Bonehook on Clutch and had this to say:

Bonehook’s creativity stands out. David and his team think so differently than I do. Just by asking the right questions, David works to understand my business so he can figure out how to solve our marketing problems.

Q. What are Bonehook’s guiding principles?

A. Show up. Have fun. Don’t waste time or money. Also, we believe in infusing beauty, truth, and meaning into brand marketing. Without it, people have little reason to pay attention or care.

Q. How long have you been in business, and what important accounts have you served during this time?

A. Bonehook launched in January 2010 in Portland, Oregon. The company moved to Austin, Texas in March 2018. In November of 2021, we adjusted our location in Central Texas, and now call the historic community of Bastrop home.

Since our inception, we’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people at top brands, spunky startups, family businesses, and bootstrapped campaigns. Some clients served: Columbia Sportswear, GE Healthcare, ID Experts, Danville Development, Danville Services Corp., Kim Olsen for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Oracle, Lewis & Clark Bank, GPSTracking.com, Blue Green Water & Land, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and many more.

Q. Do you have a shelf full of industry awards?

A. Vanity isn’t productive or attractive and industry award shows feed this vanity and send the wrong message. We care about one thing: advancing our clients’ businesses and building wealth for them by significantly increasing their brand value. When we do this, we win and we need no trophies or ribbons to prove it.

Q. What qualities are you looking for in a good client fit?

A. Honesty and integrity. After that, we ask ourselves if the client’s product or service is truly needed in the world. When it is, we are excited to help. Once we make a deal and start working together, we keep it simple. We ask that our clients give all of our ideas (even the wild ones) a fair hearing.  Finally, a client who actively ensures that we’re profitable on the account makes all the difference in the world.  When we are hired for our expertise and rewarded for it, we have a great fit that benefits both firms.

Q. How can we start the process and begin working as a healthy team?

A. The agency business is a people business. If your people like and enjoy meeting with our people every week, and vice versa, chances are good that we can work well together. As for healthy teams, they require open and honest communication, which is built on the backbone of trust. Trust does take time to develop, but it doesn’t take a lot of time.

The best way to start working with our team is to hire us for a 90-day or 180-day sprint. Our sprints are fast-moving affairs where decisions are made and acted on immediately. If you prefer strategic action over more meetings and prolonged deliberations, take the next step and set up a call.