Discovery is fundamental to the communications profession, and the discovery of our client’s brand truths (and their customer’s desires) is at the heart of our process and our business.

What Is Brand Truth and Why Does it Matter?

Brand truth is fuel for your customers’ campfires.

Brand truth lights the way and keeps everyone warm and informed.

Take a close look at your company’s messaging.

The truth has a certain quality to it. It shines like a river.

The job for the agency and the client team is to jump feet first into this river of brand truths and let the current carry us to the destination.

Paddling against what customers truly think is a fast way for a company to die.

Strategic Fact-Finding in Pursuit of Brand Truth

In order to discover and then amplify brand truth which moves people to pay attention, care, and buy, we must first enter into a state of child’s mind, where extreme curiosity is embraced.

These are the questions we seek answers to:

  1. Why should anyone care about our client’s messages?
  2. Have we walked a mile in the customer’s shoes today?
  3. What is the client’s true point of difference in the marketplace?
  4. Where do the customer’s interests intersect with the brand’s?

We engage in strategic fact-finding in pursuit of brand truth because customers will discover the truth about a company on their own, and they talk. By being relentless in our pursuit of what truly matters to people on the other end of our brand communications, we can head off any distractions and successfully draw a crowd.

When a brand is bluffing, people walk on. When a brand strikes a meaningful chord, people are much more receptive and ready to listen and learn, key steps in any buyer’s journey. Speaking of buyer’s journeys…they’re not linear and they never have been. The so-called ‘sales funnel’ is a fantasy long perpetuated by people who ought to know better.

In reality, people are irrational. People are emotional. People long for things like recognition, money, and love. What people do not long for is to be part of someone else’s buyer’s journey. The buyer is on her own journey, and it’s up to us to meet her there.