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Client Showcase: Rio Grande Valley Rapid Response Network

Right now, there are twelve hundred men, women, and children stuck in Matamoros, on the Mexican side of the international border. The people have no food, no water, no work, and no home. Faced with these conditions, they await an asylum hearing in the U.S., which is typically scheduled many months from the time of their arrival at the border.

The good news is there is a coalition of local activists in Brownsville and throughout the Rio Grande Valley delivering humanitarian relief daily. American citizens cross the border with food and water, clothes, diapers, and tents. Also, volunteers provide legal aid, medical aid, transportation, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Last July, I went looking for a way to contribute to these relief efforts. Thankfully, I found Rio Grande Valley Rapid Response Network, a newly formed coalition of local activist groups in Brownsville. The more I learn about the people on the ground in Brownsville doing this heavy lifting, the more impressed I am. This team is made of intelligent, compassionate professionals who have graciously welcomed Bonehook’s support. Now, I ask for yours.

I am driven to use my talents and connections to let the rest of Texas and the world know what’s going on, and how to get involved in providing humanitarian solutions. While politics caused this mess, this is not a political response. This is good people helping other people in dire need.

Today, after months of preparation and coordination with the team, we launch the organization’s new website. Please visit to learn more about the incredible work being done at the border and how you can contribute much-needed money, supplies, and volunteer hours.

For the latest updates, follow @RapidRGV on Twitter and Facebook.

Client Showcase: Vote Snow for a New Nebraska

Bonehook and Wheelhouse Collective Launch “Vote Snow for A New Nebraska”

OMAHA—The 2020 elections are 16 months away. For voters, it’s still a long ways off. For candidates, the game clock is running, making their need to file, announce, hire staff, and set the tone for their campaign a priority.

Accordingly, education and labor activist, Marque Snow, 31, entered the race for a seat in the Nebraska Legislature this week. Snow turned to Omaha design firm, Wheelhouse Collective, for his campaign’s new brand identity and messaging strategy. Wheelhouse, in turn, turned to Bonehook for copywriting and brand positioning.

Wheelhouse is a social impact design studio focused on helping good people and good causes. Cathy Solarana, founder and lead designer of Wheelhouse, says, “We are thrilled to be on Team Snow. He has so much positive energy to offer our city and state. We’re also aligned with his policy ideas, which is important to us.”

Wheelhouse rolled out the candidate’s colorful new website, yard signs, buttons, t-shirts, posters, and letterhead to support the launch of Vote Snow for a New Nebraska. Over the coming months, Wheelhouse will continue to add to the campaign’s website and roll out the campaign’s blog and social media.

“Marque is a unique candidate and we need to express this uniqueness to voters in his district,” says Solarana. “So much political branding is thoughtless and just barely pasted together, which is all wrong for someone who needs to convey a powerful message in utterly clear terms.”

The tenor of the campaign is upbeat and inclusive. One of the campaign’s headlines, “We Can Get There from Here,” highlights the priority that Snow and his team places on the voters and on the community.

Snow, a Democrat, is currently the president of Omaha Public School’s board of directors, where he’s committed to expanding opportunities for students and raising pay for teachers. For Omaha voters in his district who share Snow’s passions for equal access for all, November 2020 can’t come soon enough.

About Wheelhouse Collective
Wheelhouse Collective is a social impact design studio currently working with Marque Snow for a New Nebraska, Omaha Public Library, AIGA, and more progressive clients.

About Marque Snow
Marque Snow is an education and labor activist and the current president of the OPS board of directors. Born into a military family, he graduated from Seoul American High School in South Korea, and the University of South Dakota. He is running to represent the 9th District in the Nebraska State Legislature.

Client Showcase: Kim Olson for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture

Kim Olson is a dynamic public speaker, a proven leader and a fierce advocate for sensible new leadership in Austin. She’s in a close race for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, a position currently held by Sid Miller. Like Miller, Olson is a farmer. That’s where the similarities end.

To reach potential voters, the Kim Olson campaign hired Bonehook to make out-of-home advertising and newspaper ads for placement in dozens of markets throughout the state.

The centerpiece of the new ad campaign, “I Mend Fences,” showcases Olson’s agricultural roots and the reality of modern day politics.

According to Nancy Nichols, Media Director for Kim Olson, “Citizens of Texas want real solutions for their families, not more bluster and a cloud of dust.”

We were hired to amplify Kim Olson’s true grit and her big ideas in print advertising, out-of-home advertising and social media advertising—while giving the people of Texas several great reasons to vote for her.

Art Direction: Cathy Solarana of Wheelhouse Collective

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