Brand Identity Is Foundational

Brand identity is foundational. It’s something that no company, electoral campaign, or grassroots movement can afford to get wrong. It’s simply too costly to send the wrong signals and risk confusing people in your marketplace.

When we set out to remake a brand’s look and feel, or when we begin from scratch on the behalf of a startup, we work to evoke meaning, tap emotions, and stoke curiosity, all in the strongest possible ways.

Are you ready to send a strong signal about your products, services, and values to current and future customers? First, you’ll need a remarkable logo and brand identity system that welcomes people into your world.

Bonehook’s brand identity offering is unique precisely because our communications practice is focused on three interwoven disciplines:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand story
  • Brand identity

A brand’s story is always a critical element of any brand identity package that we produce for our clients. And both brand story and brand identity rely on a rock-solid brand strategy. The strategy determines who we’re trying to reach and how. The story is the hook that gets people interested and keeps ’em coming back.

Do you have a crack in your brand communications foundation? We will repair it.

The marketer’s job is to reveal the firm and express its truest values. The people you want to attract and then convert into customers may be willing to buy from you, but they will also weigh their options and make fast, mostly unconscious, and sometimes ruthless judgments about a company’s ability to satisfy their needs.

When you skimp on your communications infrastructure, a person may naturally wonder what other areas of your operation may be faulty. Why give anyone that idea? You get one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t let an amateur logo and/or wordy and wandering narrative get in the customer’s way.