Bonehook provides strategic planning and discovery, creative services, and skill-building workshops.

The Big Reveal

In today’s marketplace, consumer attention is at a premium because it is difficult to earn. Advertising alone isn’t going to get the job done — it’s easy to avoid and sadly, it ought to be avoided in many cases due to its lack of value to the consumer.

Bonehook helps brand managers, campaign managers, and business owners hone in on their best messages. The idea is to reveal, not conceal, a brand’s best features and to move the audience from advertising avoidance to content appreciation.

The One Thing We Do Best

We are a small creative director-led team with a well-developed focus. We strengthen our customer’s brand messaging by carefully administering a systems approach to solving communications problems. While the solutions will vary, the process remains the same.

Category Experience

Bonehook works with companies making a positive difference for their customers, staff, and investors. Our areas of concentration include:

  • Sports and recreation
  • Travel and tourism
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Candidates and causes
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Real estate
  • Retail

Areas of Concentration:

  • Brand assessments
  • Brand planning and strategic road mapping
  • Brand invention and reinvention
  • Brand amplification
  • Brand reinforcement

The Right Team for Your Needs

Bonehook puts the client’s budget where it belongs—in the hands of highly motivated designers and writers who are skilled at offering elegant, cost-effective marketing solutions.

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