Client Showcase: Rio Grande Valley Rapid Response Network

Right now, there are twelve hundred men, women, and children stuck in Matamoros, on the Mexican side of the international border. The people have no food, no water, no work, and no home. Faced with these conditions, they await an asylum hearing in the U.S., which is typically scheduled many months from the time of their arrival at the border.

The good news is there is a coalition of local activists in Brownsville and throughout the Rio Grande Valley delivering humanitarian relief daily. American citizens cross the border with food and water, clothes, diapers, and tents. Also, volunteers provide legal aid, medical aid, transportation, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Last July, I went looking for a way to contribute to these relief efforts. Thankfully, I found Rio Grande Valley Rapid Response Network, a newly formed coalition of local activist groups in Brownsville. The more I learn about the people on the ground in Brownsville doing this heavy lifting, the more impressed I am. This team is made of intelligent, compassionate professionals who have graciously welcomed Bonehook’s support. Now, I ask for yours.

I am driven to use my talents and connections to let the rest of Texas and the world know what’s going on, and how to get involved in providing humanitarian solutions. While politics caused this mess, this is not a political response. This is good people helping other people in dire need.

Today, after months of preparation and coordination with the team, we launch the organization’s new website. Please visit to learn more about the incredible work being done at the border and how you can contribute much-needed money, supplies, and volunteer hours.

For the latest updates, follow @RapidRGV on Twitter and Facebook.

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