Monthly Archive: February 2019

Strategic Inputs Determine Creative Outputs and Business Results

Strategy Before Execution and Concepts Before Copy

For 10 years, Bonehook has been in the advertising delivery business. Our focus has been making the best print ads, websites, social media updates, email newsletters, live events, videos, webinars and brand identity packages possible for our host of clients.

Last year, we moved from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas and the shift was more than geographic. Our pivot included much digging and soul-of-the-business searching. We sought to remake the company for the present day and the near future, as far as we can determine it. What follows is a description of the changes we made to our business model.

We share our clients’ burning desire to connect with the people in their audience and move them to care and to buy. How we get there is always the question, and this is where agencies, large and small, fall back on their “patented process” shuck and jive. It’s embarrassing. We know better and we hope you do too. There’s no need for a patented process, but there is a pressing need for a process that improves the work and the business results that come from it.

Strategic Mapping and the Growing Need for Brand Cartography

Clients come to us with a desire for certain outputs and often with built-in assumptions about how to get there. For instance, a client might say, “We need a new website to attract new prospects.” Nine out of ten agencies will begin to determine the scope of work and what it will all cost, without pausing to consider the best way to attract new prospects, which is the client’s real and stated wish.

Bonehook is the outlier. We know what work we need to do to help, how long it takes, and exactly what it costs. As the strategic counselor that helps your team do the heavy lifting necessary to get the brand on the right track before any creative execution happens, you can rely on Bonehook to set the compass to true north. Without this calibration, you’re going to need an innate sense of direction and lots of good fortune. Wouldn’t you rather work with us to make a detailed and trustworthy brand messaging roadmap?

Gimme Three Steps…

Anyone who works in media, marketing or advertising today knows just how hard it is to get a message heard, much less getting it to go viral. So much media is mental pollution and the American public is huffing it all day and night long. Brands can add to this distortion and noise, get buried by it, or rise above it. We hope you are in the “rise above” camp because we can’t help you if you’re not.

Brand Messaging Assessments

This is the entry point on your journey to better messaging. You provide us a prescribed list of your existing brand materials and we carefully weigh the impact, or lack thereof, from a messaging perspective. You get raw feedback from an unbiased outside source and walk away with a report that looks closely at your brand voice and offers actionable suggestions to strengthen it.

Brand Messaging Workshops

Do you value having a teacher/coach in the room to help your team grapple with difficult brand messaging concepts? Do you believe in doing what it takes to help your team acquire the skills they need to reach your customers, who may or may not care what you want or what you say, no matter how awesome it seems to you? Our live one- and two-day workshops inform and entertain while growing your team’s messaging muscles.

Discovery and Strategy Sessions

Everyone’s in a hurry to close. That’s the pressure of the modern digital moment. Quarterly numbers have to be met, or else. In this hostile environment, how can we possibly ask you to slow down and spend four to six weeks preparing for victory? The answer is simple. We want you to win. And to win you first must train, just like any professional athlete or team does in its pre-season.

We know you have big ideas and even grander ambitions for your brand. We’ll help you get there by asking you to pause and dutifully prepare now. It’s the step that champions in all fields do not skip. I’d like to repeat, we want you to win. Our gift to you is magnified vision and a sensitive ear.