Monthly Archive: March 2018

Bonehook Takes Its Own “Brand Reinvention” Advice, Moves To Austin

Big news in Bonehook land…we up and moved ourselves and our company to Austin, Texas. Austin is where the sun shines, where people are warm and genuine, and where economic opportunity is abundant.


While many companies do not make it past their first few years, Bonehook’s ninth birthday is coming up in April. As a gift to ourselves, we moved to a vibrant city. This geographical pivot is more than a change of address. Place shapes culture, and for anyone working in culture-shaping industries, location is a critical factor. While it’s true that you can “bloom where you’re planted,” it’s also true that climate and culture control what kind of growth is possible.

What will this new chapter bring for us and our existing and future clients? That’s what we’re here to discover! In Portland, small is beautiful and we lived that truth. Today, it’s time to recreate ourselves and our company. Ultimately, our core responsibility is to generate business-building ideas. We do this for our clients in a variety of ways, and when it’s needed, we do it for ourselves. This is one of those times, and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to reinvent our company and recharge our creative engines.

We started the year with a clear directive for our future. We express it in two words: Reach Higher. For us, reaching higher means holding ourselves accountable to higher standards of personal and professional conduct. It means not accepting less or leaning on excuses. Reaching higher also means we have total confidence in our marketplace value and our ability to team successfully with like-minded marketing pros.

It’s no secret that the agency business is currently reeling. There are myriad reasons for this development, including agency rates, bad attitudes, and a general cluelessness about how to conduct business. It seems that every time we start a new client relationship, we need to begin with a hard reset. We say we are sorry for what happened before, but we’re not those people and we don’t work that way.

As your trusted marketing partner, we actually care about your budget, and we care that our ideas motivate your customers and prospects to act. Our peers often care about the industry awards they win. We think industry awards are shiny objects of distraction and that winning hearts and minds is the true goal. If you share this thinking, please reach out to us. We want to be on your winning team.