Monthly Archive: December 2016

Scrutinize Your Brand Communications Before Someone Else Does

Integrated marketers work to ensure that every customer touchpoint is maximized for the customer’s benefit. When all the touchpoints eventually line up, you can display them on a customer journey map and begin to visualize in greater detail what moves customers to buy.

According to McKinsey:

In most companies, there are a handful of critical customer journeys. Understanding them, customer segment by customer segment, helps a business to maintain focus, have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, and begin the process of redesigning functions around customer needs.

“Redesigning functions around customer needs,” it must be noted, is for the brave of brand heart. Many people prefer to approach their ever delicate sales and marketing problems with a jackhammer.

If you’re concentrating on what you want to say instead of what your customers need to hear, you’re doing it wrong. If you won’t admit that you’re capable of doing it wrong, you’re also doing it wrong. Saying so isn’t a blame game, it’s a reminder to look at your own Marcom practices and see the parts that need improvement.

Novelist, Barbara Kingsolver, recently argued that “politeness is no substitute for morality, and won’t save us in the end.” She was talking about politics, but the same holds true for our businesses. The best work in all fields is the result of ruthless and steady scrutiny and a willingness to re-examine time-tested concepts.

If you’re ready to do it right in 2017 and beyond, let’s outline the opportunities and a plan of action. It all starts with a brisk walk in your customer’s shoes. To schedule the first in a series of brand communications walks, give me a ring at 503-970-3862 or send a note to