Monthly Archive: December 2015

Strategic Use of Video Helps Move The Needle

Moving pictures have been moving people to buy, to think and to love for more than a century. Today, excitement around video marketing is palpable. For the first time, small businesses are able to afford high quality video campaigns that can serve as pillars of their websites, social media pages and email marketing campaigns.

With a world of potential to unlock via video marketing, our hope here is to equip you with working knowledge about how best to proceed. It’s easy enough to point-and-shoot, but successful video marketing is made up of several interlocking components, the foundation of which is the strategic framework that guides all decisions throughout the video-making and video-sharing process. If you want a successful video marketing campaign, an insightful strategy is essential. Such strategies help you uncover truths about the audience, and truths about your brand. These truths in combination are then weighed by the creative team while developing winning “concepts” for your campaign, and used by you to judge whether or not the idea presented is “on strategy.”

What is marketing strategy and why do I need one?

Marketing strategy is often considered an esoteric art practiced by agency types, consultants and other suit-wearing shaman. Be assured, it’s nothing of the sort. Marketing strategy in its simplest terms is the right set of answers to the right set of questions.

Sample questions you’ll find in a strategy document:

    1. What problems can video marketing solve?
    2. Who are we speaking to?
    3. How is your company’s product or service unique?
    4. Will prospects believe your claims?

As you can see, strategy cuts to the bone. There’s no room for faking and fluff. Clients and their marketing partners must begin from an honest assessment of what is possible, and a well-conceived strategy is the path to this desired end.