Chances Are Good That Your Company Needs A Copywriter Right Now

The work that copywriters do remains a mystery to many. There’s no good reason for this. The job of a copywriter is to convey information in a clear way.

Q. Why do companies need a copywriter on staff, or a contract copywriter on retainer?

A. To provide the words!

It’s true, words are the end result of a copywriter’s work. But what else does a copywriter do, before she provides the words?

According to “10 Things Epic Copywriters Do” by Jasmine Henry, a copywriter’s work includes research, user experience optimization, interviewing experts, an understanding of behavioral psychology, and more. “Exceptional copywriters become trusted advisers to organizations. They translate abstract business goals into strategy, and convey their customer knowledge back to business decision-makers,” Henry contends.

That doesn’t sound like creative writing to me.

Do you have someone on staff who can type a decent memo or email? Do you also turn to this internal resource for blog posts, email newsletter copy, speech writing for the CEO, Twitter updates and so on? If the staffer has a degree in English or Journalism, exudes conversational wit and possesses a keen understanding of real-time marketing, then by all means…

If you continue to struggle to get your company’s story together, let me know. What looks like a tangled web of stray wires to you, probably looks like a puzzle I badly want to solve. To each his own.

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By the way, you can put the best writer in the world working on the job, but if she’s working from a faulty strategy or worse, no strategy at all, then it is wasted effort. Copywriters don’t “turn abstract business goals into strategy,” as Henry suggests. Strategists do. The copywriter then takes the strategic objective and wraps it in a story that people can relate to, digest and share.

To be extra super clear, Bonehook provides the brand strategy and the copy that your company needs to achieve your strategic marketing objectives. At times, we also supply the graphic design, web design and environmental design necessary to amplify your story.

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