Marriott’s Content Doubles As Digital Concierge (And So Can Yours)

Lifestyle brands continue to invest in and benefit from well conceived content. Hospitality brands in particular are using content to drive both short- and long-term interest in their properties. And it’s not just boutique hotels that are making unique videos—Marriott is busy acting like a media company.

Let’s take a look inside the company:

Annual reports are stiff affairs. Let’s all follow Marriott’s lead and turn them into video demonstrations!

According to The Washington Post, Marriott is pushing content into new places with its Global Content Studio headed by David Beebe, a former vice president at Disney. The brand is preparing to roll out short films for YouTube and piloting a scripted, digital drama in conjunction with Sander/Moses Productions.

The hope, Beebe said, is to familiarize customers with Marriott and eventually sell hotel rooms — but only after providing them with articles with restaurant recommendations, videos of travel tips and other entertainment programming.

“We want to be able to surface content to you and say, ‘Here’s an article about the top five restaurants in Dallas. It just happens to be brought to you by Marriott. And oh by the way, we also sell hotel rooms.”

For its YouTube programming, Marriott Content Studios is collaborating with JacksGap, a YouTube channel by co-creator Jack Harries, to create three short films on travel throughout the 78 countries where Marriott has hotels.

Travelers aged 40 and under already comprise almost 50% of Marriott’s customers and the percentage is expected to grow. I also expect to see the use of content, especially video content, grow at a rapid pace. While TV is needed to drive awareness, it’s hard to convey much of a story in 30- and 60-second increments. With video, there’s no limit to what you can run, or how many episodes in a series you can create. You are only limited by the size of your production budget, and your imagination.

Why not follow Marriott’s lead and methodically document your firm’s progress, your best customer stories and also look outward into the community for things to curate and share? Bonehook is here to help.

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