Monthly Archive: September 2014

Client Showcase #18

Creating content for the social web is something I encourage companies to outsource (to us). The task may seem simple on its surface, but the reality is a bit more nuanced and complex. What we strive to do is find the ideal mix of outward-looking and inward-looking updates, and fine tune the approach as we go.

Here, let’s look at some examples of outward-looking updates made by Bonehook on Danville Development’s Facebook page. These updates focus on senior citizens’ issues, filtered through Danville’s brand lens.

Here is an inward-looking update showcasing the residents’ garden at St. Mark’s, one of the HUD-subsidized properties that Danville manages for seniors. The point of a post like this is to feature the properties and show how living in a Danville property affords residents the opportunity for community.