Monthly Archive: September 2014

Client Showcase #18

Creating content for the social web is something I encourage companies to outsource (to us). The task may seem simple on its surface, but the reality is a bit more nuanced and complex. What we strive to do is find the ideal mix of outward-looking and inward-looking updates, and fine tune the approach as we go.

Here, let’s look at some examples of outward-looking updates made by Bonehook on Danville Development’s Facebook page. These updates focus on senior citizens’ issues, filtered through Danville’s brand lens.

Here is an inward-looking update showcasing the residents’ garden at St. Mark’s, one of the HUD-subsidized properties that Danville manages for seniors. The point of a post like this is to feature the properties and show how living in a Danville property affords residents the opportunity for community.

Client Showcase #17

ID Experts, recently recognized by Inc. as one of the fastest growing companies in Oregon, helps its members safeguard their personal data from identity theft.

Given the rising threat level, people have an increasing number of questions about how to best protect their identities. To help address the concerns, ID Experts produces a monthly email newsletter (with help from Bonehook) that highlights best practices and emerging stories in data security.

ID Experts member newsletter

In the August newsletter, we presented a piece on “The Internet of Things” and how household devices that are connected to the Internet can expose personal data to lurking thieves.

Here is an excerpt:

It’s 2014, is your ‘fridge, lighting and thermostat connected to the Internet yet? If you have connected household appliances to the Internet, or you plan to do so in the future, please be aware these devices have been shown to introduce networking and privacy threats. In one recent case, white-hat hackers (the good guys) proactively devised an attack on network-connected LIFX smart light bulbs and found that the bulbs exposes Wi-Fi passwords to snoopers in the vicinity. The manufacturer of these bulbs has since offered new firmware to help resolve the problem, but installing software updates can be a complicated process for people.

The challenge is to keep the copy upbeat and focused on preventive measures. There are plenty of reasons to fear identity theft, but the solutions to the problem needn’t also be scary.