Monthly Archive: July 2014

Q: What Does A New Website Or Ad Campaign Cost? A: What Are Happy Customers Worth To You?

In my quest to make it easier for prospective clients to say “Yes,” it’s imperative that I frame our pricing in the best possible light. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Recently I came across a great piece from John Follis in Small BIz Trends, wherein he discusses the pricing problem in detail.

If your business has a set fee structure, then you can quickly and easily respond, if you choose. For other more service-type businesses (creative services, marketing, etc.) the answer isn’t so simple and often depends on project specifics.

For many smaller, creative service-type businesses it may also depend on the current workload and even the desirability of the client or project. Regardless, I will say that any price you give will be too much if the person asking doesn’t fully know, understand, and believe in the value of your product. This bares repeating. Any price you give will be too much if the person asking doesn’t fully know, understand, and believe in the value of your product.

If people do not understand or believe in the value of our services, I might reasonably conclude that my job is to provide more and better education. But I would be a sucker if I believed that and pursued that path—I speak from experience on this.

The real way forward is to find prospects who already believe in the value our work.

Qualifying leads is a tough task. I ask what I perceive to be pertinent, but somewhat innocent questions like, “How much do you plan to spend on marketing in 2015?” You want to know our rates, and I want to know if you have a budget for the things we’re discussing. But the real qualifying gets done in much subtler ways. The fact is, I’m looking for clues about your operation. How your company treats staff is often a great indicator. I’m also looking for clues that you value brand and marketing. If there are no such clues that you value brand and marketing, this itself is a clue that we’re probably not meant to work together. Of course, respect is a two-way street. You also need clues that I, and everyone on the Bonehook team, care about your industry and your company, in particular.

One thing I care a lot about is customer experience. Did you blow your customers minds last time they stopped in? Red Iguana (not a client, just a favorite), for one, always blows my mind.

The good news is, I am required to care about your company and its customers. I tried it the other way. We all want “win-win” here, and to get to this desired place where you see a return on marketing investment, a match has to be made. Do you need intelligent communications to help drive your enterprise forward? Fantastic. The door is open to further dialogue and future success.