Use Lean and Agile Design Thinking To Inform Your Approach To Content Marketing

I traveled to Bend this week to deliver a talk on lean and agile design principles and how they can have a positive impact on content marketing, which is often perceived to be a taxing and timely endeavor, especially for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

The event was hosted by Bend Web Marketers at Tech Space Bend. The room was full and there were several good questions. One of the tougher questions came from a copywriter:

What’s the difference between ‘copy’ and ‘content’? My clients want web content?

The difference between ad copy and content is this: Ad copy is a smart way to differentiate a product or service. Content is about the customers.

After the presentation, I was pleased to see an #Amen from Shannon Hinderberger in her Tweet stream.

It’s always nice to go up and over to the high desert and experience a different part of Oregon. Like Boulder, CO, Bend is more than it seems on the surface. Look around and you see a lot of fit, tanned, mellow people. Look a bit deeper, and you find techies, entrepreneurs, designers, content strategists and agency execs from California who like to play golf.

Bend is also the smallest city with the largest appetite for craft beer in the world, so naturally a group of us repaired to Silver Moon Brewing after the event. One young woman I met recently relocated to Bend from Long Beach. She said she’s never been to Portland before. At first, I was incredulous, but clearly Bend is its own draw, and a magnet for talent in its own right.

One item of note that I left out of the presentation: In the summer 0f 2004, I was between agency gigs in Chicago. I flew out to Portland and drove to Bend (on my own dime) to interview with Kevin Archer at Citrus, which has since been acquired by HMH in Portland. For my efforts, he told me I was interviewing at the wrong place. He said the right place for me to look was Time-Warner in NYC. Naturally, I was incredibly flattered, if not a bit stunned.

A footnote on my footnote: Three months after this fateful 2004 meeting in Bend, I launched with my former colleague from Bozell, Shawn Hartley. AdPulp will turn 10 this October, and I can thank Archer in part for the courage to pursue journalism and publishing again. Having a foot in media and another in marketing is natural to me, and given the rising demand for long-form brand-sponsored storytelling, I am grateful for this pivot and Bend’s roll in it.


  1. Great points, DB, and great presentation!

    Another thing that might lead one to have more of a flexible, nimble approach: a customer-centric communications program. Often, one’s customers will uncover additional opportunities for content generation, marketing, PR and more.

    It’s always important to keep those lines open, and having an active content marketing framework will help!

  2. David Burn says:

    Thank you, Daniel. Good to hear from you again, and I agree wholeheartedly, it’s about walking a whole lotta miles in the customers’ shoes.

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