Create Consistently Compelling Content That Your Customers Crave

As a business owner, I must own not just the business, but my own mistakes as an operator. It’s the only way to get better—I have to be the most ruthless critic in the room. When I am not, someone else will be.

Here’s the thing. I have not conveyed my deep expertise in content marketing in a way that delivers consistent and meaningful new business. I have what many brands badly need — real life experience building and running a content department from scratch. But too few of my prospects know this crucial detail.

Slice, Dice and Sacrifice from David Burn on Vimeo.

Naturally, I have written extensively about content marketing, talked about it and shared details in various face-to-face meeting and presentations. It’s my job to consistently present working answers to our modern day MarCom riddle:

Where do I find the time and the know-how to produce consistently compelling content that builds my brand and drives traffic to my store?

Now, to properly grow my company I need an even tighter focus on what we actually deliver to customers, and greater clarity around how I present this offering and myself to the people I meet.

Like many good things, content marketing is a bandwagon. There are genuine experts, and there are charlatans in all sorts of strange disguises. So, let’s keep it simple. Ask your current resource, or an agency you’re considering for content and social marketing if they have any legitimate traction online. If you’re not certain, ask the agency if they have a popular website hiding somewhere in their stack of trophies.

Ask me, and I will show you three:, and

I taught myself to hard code html in 1999 and have been experimenting with innovations in digital media ever since. Not as a geek, as a writer and publisher driven to be heard above the din. In 2006, long before “content marketing” was a buzzword, I was promoted at BFG Communications from Senior Copywriter to Content Director. I hired four full time journalists and hundreds of freelance writers, photographers and videographers to make media for the agency’s large lifestyle brands.

In 2008, we relocated to Portland. In 2009, I launched Bonehook. Bottom line, I can help you identify the right content and social media marketing solutions for your company and help you build out the necessary framework for a successful brand newsroom. I can also help you successfully outsource key parts of your content and social media marketing needs, track results and grow long-term interest in your product and/or service offerings.

Let’s discuss over lunch, provided you’re located in the Pacific Northwest. If not, let’s schedule a call. You can reach me today at or call 503-970-3862.

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