Monthly Archive: February 2014

Get More From Twitter With Twitter Search and Twitter Lists

Twitter search and Twitter lists are undervalued and underused tools.

When you follow hundreds or thousands of people and businesses, the firehose of updates is pointed directly at your screen. By deploying Twitter’s search and lists functions, you can turn the pressure down and redirect the firehose into smaller, more manageable channels. You can swim in Tweet waters that are most likely to inform and reward.

For instance, when I search Twitter for brand strategy, I get a good glimpse at who is influential on this topic and what they have to say right now.

Enter various search terms around your topic of choice and save the ones that deliver relevant results. This way you can return to the well, time and again.

These exercises take Twitter updates from totally random to random but on topic, and just this shift can be a leap forward.

Here are some Twitter lists that I’ve compiled:

If any of the above topics appeal to you, please subscribe to the list(s). Also, let me know about your favorite lists and lists you’re currently building out.

When you add someone to a Twitter list, they’re notified via the activity tab. In many cases, it’s an unexpected but welcome surprise to find yourself on someone’s Twitter list. Bonehook is listed on Nick Kellet’s Hotchpotch of Smarts list and Mathys & Potestio’s list of Cool organizations PDX. Both listings flatter us, and we all know where flattery will get you.