Build Interest And Loyalty — Find, Shape And Share Your Best Brand Stories

On Thursday, at the request of my friend Albert Kauffman, I spoke to a gathering of small business owners in NE Portland interested in improving their email and social media marketing.

My challenge was to fit a 20-minute talk inside Albert’s lengthier overview. I explained the thinking behind EC=MC and what owned media is, and how business owners want to serve their audience of customers and prospects with information or entertainment.

I pointed to Red Bull, Patagonia and Mt. Hood Meadows among others who work hard to create content that meets their audiences at shared points of interest.

A lady in the front row asked about fitting product features and benefits in to this media-intensive approach. I said there is a place for product, and this is where advertising and content can converge.

I played a podcast from Oakland’s Blue Bottle Coffee to illustrate the point.

During the Q+A at the end, Albert kindly asked about the services Bonehook provides. This gave me an opening to discuss how brand identity is closely tied to brand publishing.

I explained that the foundation of one’s brand house must be addressed before high-concept editorial work begins. This might include a logo refresh, new website, traditional advertising or a design upgrade to one’s retail or office space. Once a company’s brand house is solid, then we can focus on finding, shaping and sharing its best brand stories.

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