Inbound on the Content Expressway, Outbound on the Bridge to the Bank

A lot of people are preaching the virtues of content marketing today. On the one hand, I am encouraged that the tide for content is rising.


On the other hand, I am put off by the sheer volume of bad information and missing information. Which is why I appreciate this reporting from eConsultancy regarding the need for outreach as a necessary compliment to any inbound marketing your company is currently doing.

The hard bit of achieving exposure is obviously the outreach that comes after you’ve produced the content.

Search Laboratory’s John Readman said this requires a well-executed programme and process that begins with research into what your audience wants and who the key influencers are.

The implied next step here is to use a sophisticated approach to CRM, and wise use of outbound marketing materials like email, direct mail, events and so on to “surround the prospect in the buyersphere of influence,” as Oracle’s Jill Rowley likes to say.

When you focus on making high quality evergreen content, it can be a great source of inbound traffic. Hence, the term “social currency.” What’s important to understand is you can’t extract value from your content offerings, or your social currency, until you first convert the currency from social to real. To do this you must build a bridge from your free content offering to a revenue opportunity. Otherwise, you end up stuck on an island with a ton of social currency, but no place to spend it.

Now, how do you build this bridge from Social Currency Island to the mainland where all the stores and banks are located? That is the $64,000 question today. If I answer it here and now for free, will it boost my social capital? Of course it will!

You tie your customers’ digital experiences to real life experiences and then back again to digital in a virtuous loop of high touch relationship marketing.

Please contact me if you’d like to take a deeper dive into what this means for your company and particular market situation. Or I will contact you (via email, direct mail, at an event, etc.) as part of my commitment to a balanced inbound-outbound content strategy.

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