Contently Going About My Business

Contently is a service that connects paying publishers and professional writers.

At this time, I am connected to The Content Strategist, a blog published by Contently, although I have yet to produce a story for the publication.

Contently also provides writers a portfolio to showcase their digital “tear sheet.” I appreciate the free service, as long form brand-sponsored copy is a different beast from ad copy. Thus, it makes sense for me to showcase the two individually.

Stories by David Burn _ Contently

You’ve heard the new media maxim, “Every company is a media company,” which is sometimes expressed as EC=MC? It is a nice thought, but it’s not accurate. “Every company has an opportunity to make meaningful media” is the actual state of affairs.

Of course, making “meaningful media” elegantly and consistently, day-in and day-out is a challenge for clients and for their agency partners. Bonehook exists to make this challenge easier to win.

[UPDATE 6.17.13] Here is a link to my first feature for The Content Strategist, published this morning: The art of transforming Facebook posts into ads

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