Monthly Archive: June 2013

Find Your Brand’s Storytelling Talent, And Supply Them With Tools!

By now, brand managers large and small know they must find a way to make consistently compelling content. Every company is not a media company, but every company can make meaningful media, and the companies who do it right stand to gain significant attention from interested parties.

So, “the what” and “the why” are established. But what about “the how”? The first and best answer is talent. Always! Without talent, tools are pointless. So, let’s assume your company has talent internally, and/or the money to hire external contractors like Bonehook. Now, we can discuss tools…

Recently, Content Marketing Institute issued a report outlining some helpful new tools for content marketing practitioners. One tool CMI points to is Compendium.

Compendium helped Bass Pro Shops manage the contributions of 200 employees spanning the retailer’s 58 retail locations. All told, Bass Pro Shops published 2,249 articles in 2012, with visitors to their site nearly tripling from the previous year.

Other content tools mentioned in the CMI report, which costs $395 by the way:

Interrupt Your Prospects Carefully, Or Better Yet, Not At All

Advertising will soon be done being impolite. That’s the word from futurist, author and strategic advisor, Gerd Leonhard, who weighed in recently on Harvard Business Review about the massive changes underway in MarCom.


His point about content’s centrality and gravity is pivotal:

By 2020, most interruptive marketing will be gone. Instead, marketing will be personalized, customized, and adapted to what I have expressed as my wishes or opt-ins — which essentially means that advertising becomes content.

As a big believer in this vision, I am pleased to see it so eloquently expressed.

Advertising itself must undergo a thorough rebranding, which results from a massive operations overhaul. We can use communications to reach people and help people, or we can waste everyone’s time and the client’s money — which is it going to be?

Leonhard also says, “the companies of the future will have one big job: to make sure that the customer feels cherished and safeguarded.”

I often say Relationship Marketing is the big tent, and that everything we do for our clients needs to add brand value for the customer. We are saying the same thing, I think.