Client Showcase #14

Disc throwing enthusiasts in southwest Miami are now able to stock up on “fly gear to elevate their game” and hit one of two 18-hole courses at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, thanks to a new automated “pro-shop” placed outside the park office.


This first-of-its-kind vending machine from Omaha-based TeeBoxx is stocked with new discs from leading manufacturers like Innova and Discraft and caters to players of three unique disc sports–disc golf, free style and ultimate.

“Our TeeBoxx helps introduce people to the sport, so the gear in our machines is geared to beginners and intermediate players,” TeeBoxx co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron Martin says.

“We have a deep interest in helping to fund and resurrect public parks,” says Martin. “There’s self-interest here, in that these parks are literally our fields of play, but it’s bigger than disc sports. It’s about getting people to move and have fun.”

The new with an online disc sports store will debut shortly. Follow TeeBoxx on Facebook for updates.

Speaking of FB, I must say it’s a lot of fun to see the reactions of players and the number of shares, comments, messages, Likes and posts on TeeBoxx’s Wall. As a veteran of the ad wars, I’m used to somewhat chilly receptions from jaded audiences, but this is a world away from that. There is genuine and growing interest in disc sports and what TeeBoxx is doing from near and far.

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