Client Showcase #13

I am stoked to share with you this freshly-baked brand identity for TeeBoxx, a startup in the disc sports space.

Aaron Martin, the client here, is an old friend from Omaha, which is a lovely city, my hometown and a deep well when it comes to business development. In fact, this agency-client relationship was sparked at a Big Omaha after party in May of 2010.

Today, Aaron is a professional disc golfer and the Chief Marketing Officer of TeeBoxx, which is about to introduce a big new idea to support the players and the parks — in this case, to the 100 busiest municipal disc golf courses in the U.S. More details about the company and its particular offerings will be offered up soon.

Creatively speaking, this kind of opportunity is a bit uncommon. Not just because TeeBoxx is an action/alt-sports brand, although that helps! Aaron is a creative person (we met in an editing suite in 2002) and his two partners in TeeBoxx — one of whom is also a pro disc golfer — share his passion for raising the game.

Enter Hovercraft, a one-year old design firm here in Portland. We hired Hovercraft to make the brand come to life, and Ryan and Zack delivered an outstanding team-like look and feel, that now serves as the foundation for all the work to come.

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