What I Did This Summer…

Summertime is for lazy beach days filled with gin-and-tonics and Evelyn Waugh novels. But not this summer. This summer, I’ve been busy writing energy efficiency copy for Liquid Agency and its new client Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

I like being the energy efficiency copywriter. And in a city where sustainability is front and center, it’s a strategic advantage that happens to fit perfectly with my interests and experience — I started out working for American Rivers on Capital Hill before going into advertising.

I’m also happy to report several other positive summertime developments.

An old friend from Omaha called me in July about his innovative startup in the disc sports space. The company, TeeBoxx, is focused on creating new revenue streams and course revitalization for the public parks system. Right now, Bonehook in tandem with Portland-design firm Hovercraft, is working on the brand identity package and environmental graphics. From there, we’ll help build out the web site, event materials and so on.

The TeeBoxx opportunity is exciting on so many levels. For one, I love creating a new brand from scratch, and this one is rich with content opportunities. Also, disc golf is in the alt sports category, and like sustainability, this is important for the development of my practice in a city rich in sportswear and outdoor recreation companies. Perhaps the best thing about this new account is I now find myself playing disc golf, and it’s an awesome time.

In more big news, Bonehook is now located in a sweet new studio office at 2025 NW Overton. The office is in a cluster of private offices designed for startups by ISITE Design, one of Portland’s top digital agencies (ISITE also has offices in Los Angeles and Boston). Right next door we have Globe Sherpa, an online ticketing concern. I’m also starting to work with ISITE on their KinderCare account, so the maxim, “location location location” is meaningful well beyond the real estate business.

Finally, I’ve been consulting with Brooks Gilley and Carrie Carter at 52 LTD (and freelance strategist Emily Buchholtz) on developing a content strategy and editorial calendar to support 52’s talent brand. Moving to the executional phase on this, I’ve begun to write articles for 52’s blog on Design Week Portland, which kicks off next month.

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