Monthly Archive: July 2012

Gain An Audience With Wise Use of Content, Social And Search

I help some of my clients produce and promote their blogs, so I like to check in with other practitioners to see what they’re thinking in regards to the most effective approaches.

We all want to “convince and convert.” The question is “How?”

Jon-Mikel Bailey, a partner Wood Street, a web design and development firm in Frederick, MD, believes it’s essential to “determine who your target client is and write to solve that person’s problems.”

This is not a time to brag; this is a time to educate. This is a time to know the problems that your clients face every day and offer them the solutions they are looking for.

My clients (and prospective clients) want to know how social media marketing and content marketing lead to greater brand awareness and to increased sales.

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing in Minneapolis, and author of Optimize, says “integrating search and social media optimization into the content development process will help companies realize results more quickly.”

For more of Odden’s advise, here’s a slide deck he presented at BlogWorld.

I like his fifth slide quite a bit. It shows all the different media touch points across the customer lifecycle (from awareness to consideration, to purchase, retention and advocacy).

I also like slide 21 where Odden says, “a blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” This is what makes social media marketing radically different from traditional marketing. No longer can brand managers simply push out one brand message after another. Today, brands need to push and pull, and pulling people in to a brand’s circle of interest takes compassion and understanding. It takes walking a mile in the customer’s or prospect’s shoes.

Of course, marketers have always sought to understand motivational triggers, but this is a new ballgame. Prior to the advent of interactive media, marketers were concerned with attracting attention. Today, with nearly continuous contact via social channels, attracting attention is far from enough. To succeed today a brand has to hold that attention, and interesting people in real conversations is one the best ways to do that.