This Is The Kind of Project That Makes Other Agencies/Media Companies Jealous

Intel, the largest private employer in the state of Oregon, is “sponsoring tomorrow.” As such, the technology company is busy spending millions of dollars to create avante garde experiential marketing events that live up to that bold claim.

Tom Foremski, the journalist who coined the oft-repeated term, “every company is a media company,” recently attended The Creators Project in San Francisco, a free art and music event from Intel and Vice Media.

Foremski notes that “It could have easily been re-named ‘The Curators Project’ because of the superb collection of bands, artists, installations, and even food trucks — all carefully selected by a small team of curators.”

Foremski spoke with David Haroldsen, Intel’s Creative Director for the project. Haroldsen said Intel considers the project to be very successful in meeting its goals and that Intel loves the co-branding and its partnership with Vice (a media company charging head first into marketing services).

I make mention of the campaign, now in its third year, because event marketing and content marketing are two strong siblings, growing bigger by the day. Both fall, as so many things do now, under the larger banner of Relationship Marketing, and both offer people an immersive journey into media. The San Francisco Creators Project attracted more than 45,000 people over two days. I’m sure many of the attendees didn’t think of it as a branded event, meant to make a lasting and positive impression. It was just something fun to do, brought to you by Intel and Vice.

Maybe your firm doesn’t have Intel’s deep pockets. Not many do. But it is still possible to find shared points of interest between your brand and what’s meaningful to your prospects and customers.

Intel is weaving arts and technology together, and providing a platform to explore both. Ask yourself what kind of event would make your customers or prospects happy. Or if you prefer ask me, and we’ll find the answer together.

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