Have Faith In The Channel

Vivian Schiller, NBC News’ Chief Digital Officer, is an orthodox minister in the House of Content.

The concept of “platform agnosticism,” the notion that legacy media companies must have their content on all digital outlets is “completely wrong,” she preaches.

Schiller says, “it’s critical for news organizations to succeed to be platform orthodox. To think about the actual platform itself, how people use it, and create an experience around your brand that is native to that platform.”

Of course, ad agencies also like to claim that they’re platform agnostic, even when they’re clearly a TV shop, or a direct shop, and so on. It’s the new “integrated marketing” this platform agnosticism, and we know how that promise worked out.

Schiller adds, “Brand is not just the quality of my news report…It’s important to think about usability, the way that the audience interacts with your brand, rather than purely about the content itself.”

In other words, the consumer doesn’t own your brand, as some have claimed, but how consumers react to it in various media defines your brand.

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