Please Don’t Waste The Man In A Chair’s Time

Recovering MBA and founder of Shibumi Creative, Matthew E. May, reminds, “If you can sell to the man in the chair, you can sell to anyone!”

McGraw-Hill’s man in the chair, is of course, skeptical about what you might be selling. Because he doesn’t know who you are, what you do, what you’re made of, or why he should take time to listen what you have to say.

May spoke to Joe Webb, a small business consultant who focuses on B2B marketing trends about the classic ad from 1958.

“These questions are timeless, not just for B2B marketing, but for all marketing, and all communicators. Here it is, more than fifty years after the appearance of this ad, and it’s still very useful for outlining a comprehensive communications campaign, and it is all the more powerful because of digital and social media. It remains a clear outline of fundamental sales and marketing questions every business must answer, and they are only intensified today.”

I think the fourth challenge in the ad, “I don’t know what your company stands for” is crucial. It’s married to the reputation challenge, and in today’s information-rich, always-on culture, a consumer can cover the basics of an introduction very quickly, but establishing a high ground for the brand is something that takes an investment of time, human resources and money.

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