Advantages of A Writer-Run Show

I write copy. Hopefully, this fact is evident in all that we do. That’s my intention; hence, the company name, the tagline and this site where industry-specific content is freely and consistently given.

Perhaps you are asking what difference a fact like this makes. After all, lots of writers start agencies of one sort or another. For the buyer of marketing services it makes a huge difference, because writers are expert at wading through a sea of (often meaningless) data points to find that one foundational nugget that an entire campaign can rest upon. Yes, strategists do this work too, but it comes natural to writers.

For me personally, saying that Bonehook is a writer-run business helps me stay on track. I could easily steer Bonehook down the non-specialized path, where we use our abilities and connections to solve a wide variety of marketing problems for clients. That’s the standard route, and a path I know well. But it’s not why I am in business.

My goal is to get paid well to write well, and to help other writers get paid well to write well. Plain and simple. Thankfully, there’s a market for what I do, and with the rise of content marketing the market is expanding.

Would you rather see this post in a list? I can do that for you.

Five Reasons to Hire Bonehook as Your Content Marketing Team

1) We are fundamentally sound — therefore, we will focus our efforts on mining the shared points of interest between your customers and your brand.

2) We are proven — few writers have as many balls in the air as I do, and few creative directors have experience launching and running a multi-million dollar content marketing department (something I did prior to starting Bonehook).

3) We care about the right things — we care about your company, and the people who buy and use your products and services (sadly, too many of our competitors only care about industry award shows and other exercises in extreme vanity).

4) We celebrate the power of narrative — in our efforts to inform and entertain your best prospects and current customers, we will weave a thread today and another tomorrow and so on, ultimately creating a beautiful branded tapestry.

5) We believe in good times — making money is serious business, but no one’s going to pay attention to your incessant pitches all day, every day (please see point #1 above).


  1. Anne Torpey says:

    Hi David–Just today I saw one of your comments on AdPulp from 5 months ago, saying that brands are hiring journos (i.e., writers and editors) to develop branded content, and paying a decent wage. I’m a longtime journo and custom-content writer/editor/packager (for a B-to-B mag, working with clients like Porsche and Ad Council), now looking for a f/t job and want to find something at a brand but not sure how to start or where to look (e.g., associations that might have comprehensive job boards). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!! Anne (in NYC area)

  2. David Burn says:

    Hi Anne,

    Great question, Anne. Sadly, there’s no simple answer. Like advertising, the brand team may think it can handle content marketing in-house (in some cases they are correct). Then the brand’s various agencies all want a piece of the content marketing action. Plus, there’s the rapid growth of establishment media companies (and startups in the space, esp. in video) offering marketing services. Depending on where best you fit, or want to fit, you may find a client-side, agency and/or media company opportunity.

    You can check in with Content Marketing Institute for updates on the practice, but their job board isn’t specific enough. I like BusinessWeek’s new “Exchange” better:

    Media Bistro also has a decent line on some openings:

    Good luck with your search. Let me know how it goes and if these resources are helpful, or if you find better ones.

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