To Do In 2012: Find (And Share) Your Brand’s Live, On-Camera Voice

YouTube has been busy partnering with brands, media companies and other content providers to roll out its new Original Channels offering. According to Mashable, the Google-owned company is spending $100 million to secure the deals for its original channels.

One deal YouTube secured is with Thompson Reuters. The media company is offering up business writer Felix Salmon, and others, on its dedicated channel called ReutersTV. Personally, I feel like “Felix TV” is a good illustration of just how different video is from text. And it’s important today to have fluency in both, whether you’re a journalist, or a brand banking on video to tell your company’s best stories.

Let’s take a look at Salmon’s on-camera style, shall we?

I like the tough questioning on the FICO scores piece.

And here’s a goofy promo from Salmon:

Salmon, who is mostly serious in print, recently told a reporter from GigaOm that video challenges him to make his stories more accessible.

“I have this idea that if someone is reading my blog and doesn’t understand something – they are already on the Internet and can use it to look it up,” Salmon said. “Video is necessarily a lot less wonky. You have to be short, you have to be sharp, you have to be punchy.”

Like this offering from Bleacher/Report, I presume:

Of course, not all brands will go with the on-air personality approach to video content. Vice, for example, prefers to make documentaries.

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