Who Are You? The Answer Will Never Be Found In Code Alone, But It’s A Start.

I was talking to a new friend the other day and she mentioned to me how she perceived another agency in town through the lens of the agency’s website. She felt that they had an inflated sense of themselves, largely based on the artsy portraits of staff that feature prominently.

I asked her what she saw in Bonehook.com and she said, “I see a straight forward approach.”

Maybe she was being nice, I don’t know. Let me ask you, what do you see here? Is it crystal clear what the offering is? Because it has to be crystal clear, for this site to be an effective part of the Bonehook brand strategy. For the record, the offering is two-fold: “we” build brands for small businesses and “I” write copy for agencies and brands.

According to Google Analytics, a fair bit of traffic to this site comes from Bonehook’s listing on Portland Creative List. From that listing a number of people inquire about jobs, which we do not presently offer. Bonehook is me (a copywriter/creative director/brand strategist) and the perfect mix of contractors for any given project. Or it’s just me, writing copy for you. You decide.

Portland Creative List also serves up unsolicited Requests for Proposals. And direct mail from printers, cold calls from various service providers, and so on. You hang a shingle, people knock on the door.

Last fall’s Adweek article about strange agency names — Bonehook’s first major earned media score — continues to deliver a number of curious clickers too. Gotta love evergreen content.

Wherever visitors migrate from, or soon bounce to, I hope they pause long enough to consider these offerings of text. Words. Copy. Content. I’m a writer and I like to put the product on display. I also have faith in the the form. By reading these words, you get to know me a bit better, and after a while you may come to trust me and my advice more.

In addition, I see Bonehook as a journey and and a journey is something to joyfully share. A lot of agencies are too busy or too scared to open up and showcase their process, or total lack of process, as the case may be. Instead, they rely on tightly packaged case studies, white papers and/or instructional pieces on the agency blog meant to showcase expertise. I understand the need for that kind of formality, but I also believe there’s a need to loosen up when it comes to one’s own narrative. Therefore, I’m making an effort to expose our practices here, our victories and our stumbles. I don’t know if I can make the mundane interesting, but that’s the goal.

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