Client Showcase #12

With all the digital this and digital that on our plates, it’s easy to lose touch with your roots in this business.

Thankfully, there’s still a need for print advertising, because making a new two-page spread for a client is the kind of assignment that brings you back — to Earth, and to the reasons you got into advertising in the first place.

Our client Danville Development Corp. of Salt Lake City manages 15 well cared for properties for low income seniors and people with disabilities. The Danville team also helps people navigate the HUD application process and find a comfortable home for their retirement years. Therefore, we chose to step away from the typical product features approach you see in ads in this category and focus instead on the brand benefits.

As for the choice to run print, Danville’s prospects use the web like everyone else (and this ad drives people to the web), but the media buy here recognizes that searching Google is not the end all and be all for every product or service, nor for every audience.

The new ad will run in Seniors Blue Book, a pub that reaches 150,000 people via its printed Utah edition.

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