It’s 8 a.m., Are Your Traps Set?

Because we have an active fishing metaphor built in to the Bonehook brand, I’m pleased to discover the following hunter/gatherer story from Jack Connors of Hill Holiday, as told to Rance Crain of Ad Age.

“There are trappers and there are skinners. To be a trapper you’ve got to put on snow shoes, you’ve got to go out in the cold, you’ve got to set those traps, and then you’ve got to go back and see if there’s any animals in them. And it’s cold out there.”

Most people sign up to be skinners, Jack said, because you can stay warm and you don’t have to be tramping about. But he characterized himself as an old fashioned trapper. I love the hunt.

Naturally, we do not want to hook our client’s prospects any more than Connors wants to trap his prey, not in any literal sense. We shape the stories this way because hunting and fishing stories are primal, ancient forms and proven archetypes. They work, and that’s what brand building is about–creating a solid foundation for a company’s deep story, whether it’s our own company or a client’s.

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  1. Love this metaphor, David. Thanks for sharing it.

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