Client Showcase #11

When the context is right, I like to say things like, “Every company is a media company,” or “Media is a marketing service today.” Thankfully, I also get to live these maxims — a fact that conveniently turns them from new media platitudes into tangible case studies.

For instance, last spring, Karsh\Hagan in Denver hired me to write a series of lifestyle articles for their client American Crew. The first batch of articles are now beginning to appear on, where men go for grooming advice.

Visitors to can now pick up few more tips while online…about where to vacation, how to talk to a stylist and get the perfect haircut, and which films to watch with their girlfriend, just to name a few.

Given that lifestyle content is my specialty and a passion, I have to say, I’m thrilled to be working on this on-going project. “Paid, owned and earned media” is another call to action for brands today, and for those who help brands achieve their communications objectives. I came up on paid and migrated to owned, where I’ve been for a good five years.

I think it is worth noting that the owned media space is the ultimate venue for branding. This point tends to get lost in the shuffle for digital supremacy, which is a problem. When making an ad campaign for the paid media channel, the content of the campaign is meant to interrupt people. Content that lives on a brand’s site, or social media page, is another story — it doesn’t interrupt (via a clever headline or striking image), it attracts (thanks to its utility or entertainment value).

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