Do You Want Pull With Customers? Then Pull Them In With A Steady Stream Of Branded Content

According to Custom Content Council, which is focused on promoting the growth and vitality of this dynamic marketing discipline, ‘custom content is grabbing ever-larger shares of marketing budgets as marketers become more convinced of its value.”

Four-fifths of marketers said they were “increasingly” incorporating custom content into their marketing plans. The survey queried 100 CMOs and other senior executives at large and midsize companies in 20 industries ranging from finance to communications to retail, travel, and health care. The average portion of respondents’ marketing budget allocated to custom content was 20 percent.

The top three channels for custom content—customized websites, e-newsletters, and print newsletters—have remained the same over the past five years, but social media and video now take the fourth and fifth spots.

“There are now so many channels through which to disseminate branded content, and so much more understanding and acceptance of it, that it’s really a perfect storm for content marketing,” says Mike Winkleman, president and chief creative officer of custom publishing company Leverage Media.

All of which is music to Bonehook’s ears, since branded content is our area of expertise.

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