Are You Hungry For Some Meaty Goodness?

I’ve been talking to my friend Tom Asacker about the need to feed people’s hungers (metaphorically speaking).

To effectively feed these hungers, first one must find out what people who come to you are hungry for. For instance, there’s quite a difference between readers looking to eyeball the latest breaking ad campaigns, and those who visit for more meaty content that can help them teach a class, or construct a content or social media marketing strategy.

On AdPulp, we cater to multiple audiences and they’re hungry for different things. The same can be said for the audience here. Small business owners who visit this site are hungry the things that help them build their brand and grow their business. But a creative director at an ad agency who wants me to write copy for a client, has a related, but different hunger.

The question is can I don my chef hat and deliver made-to-order content? That’s what I’ve been doing, but perhaps I’d be better off, saying you know what, I’m really good at making this one thing — creating lifestyle content, for instance. It’s the difference between being a full service restaurant and a food cart. Both are totally legitimate business models.

It’s an important problem to work out for any provider of products and services. Because you want to lead with your strongest offering, so you become known for that one thing.

Being known for more than one thing is asking too much from people bombarded by messages from every direction. So, while I want to appeal to at least two different audiences here–small business owners and managers and creative directors at ad agencies–I might be asking too much. I may need to rebuild this site so visitors come to a landing page first, and then get redirected based upon their particular hungers.

But enough about me. What are your customers hungry for?

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