Scott And His Followers Are Turning Approachability Into Profitability

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 12 books. He’s also a popular speaker and the guy who turned wearing a name tag into a six figure income.

He gets lots of press and he creates lots of press. Writing on, Ginsberg compares content to contact:

People can get information anywhere, anytime, immediately, and for free. But that’s the thing. We don’t need more access to information. We need more access to each other. That doesn’t make information irrelevant, but contact offers an unquantifiable humanness that content can’t provide. And if your brand fails to deliver that interaction in addition to the information people need, customers will quickly switch to another brand that will.

In other words, brands need to do more than play in the social sandbox. Their real life representatives need to be on the communications front lines, talking to people and creating lasting bonds between customer and company.

Ginsberg does this for his own company by regularly speaking in public and by making instructional videos available to people who aren’t in the physical audience.

I like how Scott warns of the dangers of falling in love with one’s own product or service offering. “Customers want to buy something that solves their urgent, expensive and pervasive problems.” That’s such an obvious, yet often overlooked reality, of the marketplace.

I also like how he says, “Nobody notices normal, nobody buys boring and nobody pays for average.”

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