Client Showcase #10

I love helping companies perfect their brand identity. And I feel strongly that brand identity is fundamental to the marketing plan, for everything flows from the brand. In other words, it’s critical to get the brand right, so good things can come a client’s way.

To get the brand right is no small task, as you might imagine. First, a client has to recognize the need for an upgrade, and it’s easier said than done. Take our client Danville Development. The company was founded in 1979 and doing just fine with its original identity. Right?

Here’s the company’s new identity:

It is our job, and privilege, to help Danville Development express its true self today. And we needed a new brand identity to properly do that.

As she has done many times before, Omaha-based designer Cathy Solarana came up with a look and feel that communicates a powerful visual message, one that instantly evokes home, safety and wellness (all key brand attributes).

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