Want To Be Your Best? Try Looking The Part

Susan Payton, President of Egg Marketing & Communications, thinks that branding is a luxury that most small businesses can not afford.

So many of my company’s clients want to brand themselves–to be known in a sea of competitors as the best. And while this is certainly possible, it takes deep pockets and lots of time — something most small businesses don’t have.

And so I say that branding is a luxury.

What I mean by this is that there are many other things that will bring in sales more quickly than branding. I define branding as anything done to make your company stand out in a sea of non-differentiated brands, and that includes everything from your logo to sponsoring events locally and nationally.

I couldn’t disagree more. Every company — regardless of size — has to differentiate first, or they won’t have much luck at selling whatever it is they provide.

Frankly, the utter lack or regard for brand is disheartening. And it’s widespread. Time and again I see businesses focus exclusively on their product or service offering, without giving a thought to their brand. Yet, a company’s brand identity is the outfit it wears in public. Imagine a model who spends hours in the gym and diets religiously, going out on the town in sweat pants, with hair tucked up under a baseball cap. That’s precisely how most small businesses, and many larger ones, roll out of bed each day. What a waste.

I also challenge the concept that it’s painfully expensive to invest in brand. Being sloppy with the company’s look and feel is what’s costly.

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