Crunch Your Data And Respond, Then Repeat Forevermore (Unless You Don’t Need To)

Yesterday we looked at the various behaviors of online shoppers. Today, we examine the practices of online merchants.

David Brussin, founder and CEO of Monetate, in a piece on Mashable, says:

Commerce is becoming less about channels and more about touch points. Marketing is moving beyond multichannel to become “multipoint,” and coping with this shift is a serious challenge for businesses of all kinds.

Fortunately, the website remains a place where many customer conversations are initiated, and a growing percentage of transactions are completed, even if they begin elsewhere. A strong yet nimble website — one that can efficiently leverage customer data — will put brands in a better position to effectively respond to the emerging demands of multipoint marketing. Without such a site, they will continue to lose out on potential revenue and lose ground to more agile competitors.

“Efficiently leverage customer data” are the four key words above. Brussin believes, “A culture of testing in which decisions are data-driven is the best posture from which to meet marketing challenges.”

Brussin is right, of course, but a brand’s site does have other functions besides increasing “conversions.” It’s also a place to educate, to share and to listen. It’s a place to build the brand.

What seems clear is the art of brand building today requires that sales and marketing work hand-in-hand. That can be an institutional challenge, especially at larger companies. Then there’s the exception to the rule. Patagonia, for instance, knows what “building your brand and growing your business” is all about.

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