Understanding The Habits Of Online Shoppers

One size does not fit all when it comes to enticing online shoppers to buy, according to a new consumer survey released by SteelHouse, a pioneer in the emerging field of Behavioral Commerce.

Here are the results from their study of 1000 American online shoppers:

  • 44% read product reviews before they buy
  • 39% shop with a purpose or search for something in particular
  • 32% check out coupon sites to get the best price
  • 30% browse products regularly, even when they have no intention of buying
  • 28% buy only when there’s a discount
  • 27% buy only when there’s an offer for free shipping
  • 20% buy premium brand name products
  • 18% start the checkout process but don’t end up purchasing
  • 12% never buy on my first visit to a website, even if a discount is offered
  • 11% never shop online

Retailers will spend $5.73 billion making offers online this year. But marketers tend to blast the same ad with the same offer to millions of consumers, according to SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas.

“It’s clear that simply giving the same offer to every online shopper is not the way to increase sales,” said Douglas. “We’re people, we approach shopping just like everything else — based on our personalities and ingrained behaviors. Retailers that understand and act on these different shopper personalities in real time are the ones that will be successful.”

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