Creating Digital Experiences Is The Name Of The Game

Tomer Tishgarten, vice president of technology at Engauge, writing in
Mashable, argues that Microsoft’s Kinect technology is well on the way across the chasm from hardcore gamers to mainstream adoption, in part due to an intense interest from marketers.

Microsoft’s newest periphery for the Xbox 360 recognizes voices, captures facial expressions in real time, and can even tell players apart. But the marketing potential of Kinect extends far beyond video games, Tishgarten believes.

“In the near term, marketers could leverage Kinect technology to create eye-opening trade show displays and in-store promotions. Freed from the gaming console, the technology can draw people into an immersive, interactive experience.”

BK is one big brand that jumped on the Kinect early. I don’t know how successful BK’s Kinect promotion was, but by all accounts the product, which debuted in November 2010, is a run away success for Microsoft.

The company predicted sales of 3 million units by the end of 2010. Instead, they sold 8 million in two months.

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