Can Help You See How Content Is Being Shared

Matt LeMay is writer, musician and coder. He’s a senior contributor at Pitchfork and Platform Manager at, a link shortening service.

Media Bistro caught up with LeMay and asked him some great questions about web analytics and how to refine the content you’re serving up to better meet your audience’s needs. And what brand is not serving up some form of content marketing today?

Your audience is not who you imagine it is, I promise. It’s a really exciting time for (web) analytics right now, because we used to have to think about our audience and imagine. With real data, you don’t have to make those kinds of assumptions any more. You can find out what you need to and act on it fast.

I don’t pretend to understand how to use all the tools offers, but I do want to learn more. Because you, or I, might be really great at making apple pie, and very happy making apple pie, while our audience is actually hungry for peach cobbler. It’s the kind of thing every marketer needs to know.

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